In the United States Court system, there are two different levels of courts. The initial level is called the trial court. This is what most picture when they think of legal proceedings. However, once a decision has been made at the trial court, the losing party may appeal that decision to a series of appellate courts who decide whether the lower court made an error.

Appellate law is complex and difficult to navigate. It demands a very comprehensive understanding of both technical procedures as well as theoretical legal concepts in order to develop a winning argument. The Law Offices of Jon Webster has the appellate experience necessary to focus on developing a winning strategy without being held back by the complexities of the appeal process.

While our office specializes in both constitutional and employment appellate issues, we have successfully represented clients in complex appellate litigation across many areas of the law. In addition, our office is uniquely qualified to take a case from trial through appeal as well as taking over an appeal after the trial is over.

The decision of whether or not to file an appeal is difficult in and of itself. Feel free to contact our office for a consult to decide whether or not an appeal is the right course of action for you.

Looking to appeal? Jon Webster Law Group can help.