Taking proper legal advice prior to drafting your will can prevent major problems arising for your family after your death. At Jon Webster Law Group, we can help you prepare and write your will and advise on any other potential issues that may need to be considered. In addition we can advise you on lifetime financial planning, such as the creation of a family trust. 


Whether you are creating a will for the first time, or need to update your existing will, getting the legal details right is essential to ensure that your wishes are respected after you are gone. Our attorneys have many years of experience creating wills for a wide range of people, from those with very simple estates to those with more complex assets and situations to consider. We can help you explore all of your options to ensure your loved ones are correctly provided for, giving you complete peace of mind.


Many people worry about what will happen to vulnerable family members or important family assets after they are gone. Setting up a trust can allow you to make sure everything will be taken care of according to your wishes, protecting the people and things you value in the future. Jon Webster Law Group can assist you with setting up a variety of different types of trusts to match your circumstances.


Dealing with the estate of a loved one after they have passed away can be highly stressful, confusing and time-consuming. If you are acting as the executor of a loved one’s will, or they have passed away without leaving a will, handling their estate can feel like a heavy burden. Our attorneys offer a sensitive but practical approach and can guide and support you through the entire probate process.


Need help with a will, trust or probate? Jon Webster Law Group can help.