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Our law firm may be small, but it is strong. We are like family and we treat our clients with the same respect that we would want in return. Don’t wait to find out what we can do for you. Contact us today to schedule your consultation!


Our law firm may be small, but it is strong. We are like family and we treat our clients with the same respect that we would want in return. Don’t wait to find out what we can do for you. Contact us today to schedule your consultation!

Meet the Team!


Principal Attorney

Jon Webster

Jon guides the firm’s staff and manages major cases and matters for the firm on behalf of individual and business clients.  He has tried numerous cases to verdict and has appeared before the California Court of Appeal, and the Ninth Circuit Court of Appeal.  He has tried complex civil litigation matters, including class action and Private Attorney General Act (PAGA) cases.

Jon previously represented the California Pawnbrokers Association (CAPA) in both civil matters and in crafting legislation concerning California pawn and secondhand dealer law.  He litigated and prevailed on behalf of former Los Angeles Police Department officers in the seminal training reimbursement case entitled, I re Acknowledgment Cases, (2015) 239 Cal.App.4th 1498.

When not working with staff or clients, Jon enjoys hanging out with his two German Shepherd Dogs, Ranger and Savannah.

Law School: John F Kennedy University SOL
Undergraduate Degree: California State University Sacramento
Admittance: 12/07/1988


Dustin Burton

Dustin is our firm’s newest Associate Attorney.  Previously, Dustin was our Office Manager and Law Clerk.  He graduated from University of California, Davis, School of Law and was admitted into the bar in 2019.

Dustin is also a certified Notary Public. In his spare time, he enjoys hanging out with his Shih Tzu, Barnaby.


Ray Sims

Ray graduated from California State University East Bay in 2016.  He holds a certificate in paralegal studies.  Prior to working as our Paralegal, Ray worked as a paralegal in a criminal defense and civil rights law firm.

Ray is also our resident IT professional as he has worked several years as a corporate computer and network consultant, holding a CompTIA A+ certification. Ray is also a certified Notary Public.


Nicole Segura

Nicole received her Bachelor of Arts degree in Spanish and Pre-Law from University of the Pacific (UOP) in Stockton.

Nicole is very passionate about marketing and helping businesses grow through their online presence. In the future, Nicole desires to have her own marketing firm. 

About Our Firm

Our two-attorney law firm offers a broad range of litigation, transactional and mediation services for individuals and small businesses.

We practice wage and hour law where private or public employees are denied either regular or overtime wages, suffered missed meal or rest periods (breaks) or have been required to sign or are being sued for breaking “training reimbursement agreements”​ required by employers. We can assist in the review and/or negotiation of severance agreements.

If you operate a small business in California, we defend your enterprise against unsubstantiated wage claims, craft customized employee handbooks, Injury and Illness Prevention Plans (IIPPs), conduct workplace investigations, and draft business buy-sell agreements. We represent landlords in commercial and residential transactions and in evictions/unlawful detainer actions.

For the past fifteen years, we have served as counsel for the California Pawnbrokers Association and we represent over one hundred pawnbrokers, secondhand dealers and title lenders in California in a variety of regulatory and civil matters and business transactions.


Jon Webster law Group has access to offices in locations across California, making it easy for our clients to see us at a location that suits them. Please click on one of the links below to learn more about each of our locations.


  •   I reached out to the Jon Webster Law Group in Concord seeking assistance with a pending Civil judgement as a result of audit dispute.  I was very disappointment with the customer service over the phone and in person we received by Jon Webster.  

    When I initially reached out to their office Ray Sims answered my call and he was very professional and took down notes to discuss with Jon Webster.  Later that afternoon I receive a call from Jon Webster informing me of his hourly fees and the required retainer for his firm to take the case.  I was not surprised by the fees quoted, but when I asked what services would be included with those fees and what was the expected process I was told that he didn't know at the time.  I was concerned that I was walking into a transaction that really had no plan to back it up the estimated cost of the case.  I decided a meeting in person would allow me to ask the right questions and give him an opportunity to provide a consultation.  

    I returned from my meeting and it was just as I thought, no effort to provide a consultation and instill confidence as a customer.  This guy basically wanted us to sign his retainer letter, provide the $5000 retainer and let's see how it goes.  I know there are things that an attorney can not predict, but he didn't even look at my paperwork or had any interest in discussing my case for a consultation fee.  He seems to be a lawyer who wants to sign customers up and start billing hours.  Buyer Beware!

    thumb Nikki V.

      Jon Webster and his crew are awesome. Very prompt and courteous. Jon and his crew are very knowledgeable. Very great on getting issues resolved with various different issues. Highly recommend Jon Webster law group

    thumb David L.

      We met with Mr. Webster as we needed help with recovering wages. He accommodated two in person meetings to listen to our concerns and provide valuable feedback. We appreciate Mr. Webster's time and input!

    thumb Farhan K.
  •   This review is solely based on his prompt response. Although I have not used Jon's legal services, I can say his response time is amazing! He was also able to point me in the right direction. Thank you!

    thumb Jessica M.

      Jon Webster is great! Answered all of our questions, and we felt secure about what to do next. Highly recommend him!

    thumb Clever P.

      Before our initial consult, Jon Webster took the time to read over our documents and shared helpful advice on how we can deal with our tough situation. He was honest, direct and open and even suggested that it'd be in our best interest to find a different attorney in an area closer to our property to help us save on costs. Even though we ultimately did not retain his services, he still took the time to be helpful, read over our documents, and share his experience on how to move forward.

    thumb Vincent T.
  •   WOW.   I called Jon for a very long and complex consultation.  He was more than willing to help, guided me through the in's and out's of my employment agreement and hiring bonus questions.  He didn't ask for a dime.   Jon seems like a stand-up guy I would highly recommend him to any employment law questions.

    thumb ME M.

      I would give them even 10 stars! Jon is very smart and straight to the point. I won one case with his help! I absolutely recommend him!!!

    thumb Marina K.

      Jon was great, I highly recommend him!! He responded personally on a Saturday within 10 minutes and gave a brief phone consultation. He was very helpful in answering some important legal questions we had regarding our issues even though he couldn't take on our type of case. He was still very knowledgeable & nicely explained everything clearly without a lot of confusing legal jargon.

    thumb Leilani R.
  •   I contacted Jon's office a couple weeks ago for help on an employment related legal issue... an out of state company threatening to enforce a non-compete agreement against me. I called on a Friday afternoon, and Jon made himself available Saturday morning for a consultation. He clearly articulated the law surrounding non-compete agreements in CA, provided suggestions on how to quickly deal with the situation, and contingency plans in the event they continued to unlawfully enforce what was an unenforceable document. He wrote a very compelling demand letter for me, which he promptly sent out to my former employer monday morning, and within a week and a half, and after several back and forth's with their attorney, the issue was resolved. Jon was always very prompt responding to all of my inquiries, and clearly has a strong command of the law. I felt fortunate to have him representing me in this situation. I would strongly recommend Jon Webster for anybody seeking representation or legal advice on an employment related issue.

    thumb Jason G.

      Everyone is super nice and helpful at this office! Very fair prices. Will definitely use again in the future!

    thumb Diana R.

      I appreciate the customer service this firm provided to me for my inquiry. I appreciate the time invested into my call.

    thumb Bryan P.


Jon Webster Law Group, APC is licensed to practice in California, Arizona, Hawaii and the District of Columbia.